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MICRO-DYN (stands for ‘Micro-Dynamics’) was an international economic research project dealing with the competitiveness of firms, regions and industries in the knowledge-based economy and the possibilities for job-rich growth in Europe. The central research objective of the project was to address in a comprehensive and methodologically coherent way some of the core driving forces of innovation, competitiveness, employment and growth in the contemporary European economy. In our approach to this theme we started from the conjecture that understanding the microeconomic foundations of innovation, competitiveness and growth at the firm level, as well as the firms' interactions with the labour market, is key to understanding the nature of these phenomena at a more aggregated (regional, sectoral or macro) level. Hence integrated and comparable cross-country firm-level research shaped the core of the project.

The analysis used comprehensive datasets across European regions, industries and countries. Individual data on firms call for statistical models of individual behaviour allowing for firm heterogeneity. These models are then aggregated at sectoral, regional and national levels to recover the behaviour of aggregate variables. Before, there were very few such models as different researchers have concentrated on different levels of aggregation with little exploration of their interdependence. Further development was of paramount importance as sound micro foundations help to highlight the role of key microeconomic and policy parameters whose changes determine the reallocation of resources within and between sectors, within and between regions, within and between countries.

The project lasted from 2006 to (early) 2011 and was structured into seven scientific Work packages (WPs) which are integrated through the use of common and overlapping sets of micro-data, a common research agenda and the joint use and development of research methodologies.

Now Online: All files of the MICRO-DYN Centralised Database


Final MICRO-DYN Report

The MICRO-DYN Centralized Database

MICRO-DYN Policy Conclusions (identical with the 5th MICRO-DYN Newsletter)

Policy Conclusions in a Nutshell

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