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20. - 21. January 2011, Paris/F
Conference Programme (pdf download)
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MICRO-DYN Final Presentation and Policy Meeting hosted by the CAS (Centre d’analyse stratégique)
19th January 2011, Paris/F
Final Agenda (pdf download)
Handout Collection (Policy Conclusions) (pdf download)
Introductory slides (Michael Landesmann) (pdf download)
WP1 Presentation slides (Bart Verspagen) (pdf download)
WP2 Presentation slides (Laszlo Halpern) (pdf download)
WP3 Presentation slides (Michael Landesmann) (pdf download)
WP4 Presentation slides (Roman Römisch) (pdf download)
WP5 Presentation slides (Carlo Altomonte) (pdf download)
WP7 Presentation slides (Rumen Dobrinsky) (pdf download)
WP7 Presentation slides (Johannes Pöschl) (pdf download)

MICRO-DYN Scientific workshop on Global and local firm linkages
19. - 20. November 2010, Tübingen/D
Programme and participant list (pdf download)

MICRO-DYN summer school and plenary conference 2010
6. - 10. September 2010, Cambridge/UK

Programme and participants list (pdf download)
Papers and Presentations

MICRO-DYN workshop on Work Packages 1-7
6. - 7. May 2010, Vienna

Workshop Agenda
Workshop Presentations

MICRO-DYN plenary conference
16. - 17. September 2009, Madrid

Conference presentations
Conference Agenda
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MICRO-DYN Workshop on WPs 1-4
16. - 18. April 2009, Vienna

Workshop presentations
Workshop Agenda

MICRO-DYN Workshop on WP 5 "Firms’ internationalization and knowledge diffusion"
16. - 17. February 2009, Italy

Workshop presentations
Workshop Agenda

MICRO-DYN SUMMER SCHOOL - Firm-level analysis of innovation, competitiveness and employment
15. - 19. September 2008, Poland

Workshop presentations
Agenda & participants

Public Conference
24-26 April 2008, Portoroz

Workshop presentations
Agenda & participants

2nd Workshop
10-12 September 2007, Cambridge

Workshop presentations
Agenda & participants

1st Workshop
12–14 April 2007, Vienna

Workshop presentations
Agenda & participants
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MICRO-DYN Kick-off meeting
26.–28. October 2006, Vienna

Agenda & Participants
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